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At Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd, we are committed to catch up with nerve of the industry and give you our premium products packed with quality and nutritional values intact.

It is not possible to imagine a celebration without the finger licking creamy cakes, but for those who do not want to overrun their calorie count, the cakes made of butter can restrict its nutritional value. To overcome this, the bakery world has given acceptance to dairy free or non dairy bakery ingredients to be incorporated into the making of their products.

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Our Vision

To Make Indian Bakery Standards at par with International standards


We visualize marking our existence through our stress upon the hygienic quality and taste ensured by modern machines and latest technology.

Our Network

Managed by highly professional work force which consists of 60 persons, who possess the intense knowledge and skills required to deliver the best products and provide high levels of efficiency in service to our reputed clients.

Why us

At Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd, we are proud to have conquered our market with our right quality. Our stern quality checks never allow any low grade product to step into our factory.

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